Sunday 10 February 2013

Happycall 年糕 Prata


1x300g 年糕, chill for 2 days
1 packet 6-piece frozen prata


1. Let the 年糕 returns to room temperature before cutting into 6 strips. Cut the 年糕 into your desirable size.

2. Preheat the Happycall pan to medium temperature. Pour in about a teaspoon of olive oil.

3. Place a frozen prata into the pan and close the lid. Let it cooks for about 2 minutes or till become golden.

4. Flip the prata to fry the other face. At the same time place a piece of 年糕 onto the prata. Close the lid to let the 年糕 soften.

5. When the other face of the prata becomes golden, close up the prata to sandwich the 年糕 in between.
Lower the heat and let the 年糕 prata warm in the pan for about 2 minutes to achieve a crispier skin.

6. Serve warm :)

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