Tuesday 8 September 2015

Apple & Blueberry Jam 蓝莓苹果果酱

When the blueberry is in season, it is easy to see lots of the fruit on sale in supermarkets. The fruit is not only offer in good price, but also fresh and sweet. This is a good time to prepare homemade blueberry jam. I included half an apple to add  crunchy texture to the jam :)

Yield: ~205g

100g apple, peeled and cut into small bits
150g blueberries, selectively cut*
60g raw sugar
15g lemon juice
1 blade pandan leaf, optional 
10cm lemon rind, optional
15g rock sugar
*quarters the bigger blueberries and keep the smaller ones in whole.

1. Wash all fruits with veggie wash and drain well.

2. Cut the apple and those bigger blueberries into bit size.
It's advisable to use a ceramic knife to sloiw down the oxidation process.  

3. Pour the blueberries and apple together in a glass or ceramic bowl.
Add in raw sugar and lemon juice, and mix well. Cover with a lid and keep in a fridge for about 30 minutes .

4. Pour the apple-berry mixture, pandan leaf and lemon rind into a pot and cook at medium low heat. Stir regularly.

5. When the mixture starts to boil, cover the lid and let it simmer for about 15 minutes under low heat . This is to allow the ingredients to softened. 

6. When the mixture starts to thicken, add in the rock sugar. Continue to stir till it thickens further. 

7. Pour the hot jam into a sterilized glass container.

8. Cover the opening with food wrap and a lid.  Invert the container over and allow the jam to cool to room temperature.
This is to prevent the growth of bacteria in the canister.

9. Ready to serve on bread :)

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