Friday 10 March 2023

Candied Mandarin Orange Peel

My method of preparing the candied mandarin orange peel or other orange peel is very simple. No boiling of orange peel involved, just soak the orange peel in boiling water. Drain away the water, add an equal weight of raw sugar as the orange peel to "drain out' the remaining astringent liquid in the orange peel. Finally, add another batch of same weight raw sugar to the orange peel. Keep in an air-tight container. Complete😀

The candied orange peel prepared this way is not overly sweet, and carries a little bitter taste which I preferred 😋


1. Clean the orange with "Vegetable & Fruit Wash" before use.
Cut away the white part or pith of the orange peel.

2. Cut the orange peels into your desired length. I prefer a broader slice as they carry more aroma with them.

3. Soak the cut orange peels in boiling water for about 1hour. Drain away the water.

4. Mix the orange peels with a same weight of raw sugar. Let the orange peels stand for about 3 hours or till the orange peels "drains out" a "pool" of liquid.

5. Transfer the orange peels to a new bowl.

Add a fresh batch of equal weight of raw sugar to the orange peel.

Mix well.

And store in an air-tight container. 
For the first 3 days, use a pair of clean and dry non-metal chopsticks to rotate the orange peel by lifting the bottom layer up.

I am not sure how long these candied orange peels can be kept. I kept them in a dark kitchen cabinet for one month and they were fine. It's better to prepare in small quantity to keep them fresh 😊

I used the candied mandarin orange peels in

Sweet peanut filling of my 汤圆

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