Monday, 7 August 2017

Sourdough Waffles

A nice recipe which helps to salvage discarded sourdough and turns it into golden crispy waffles :)


100g unbleached all purpose flour
10g raw sugar
200g fresh milk/buttermilk*
100g sourdough starter, 100% hydration

* Original recipe suggested buttermilk

Waffle Batter
Above sponge
1 egg, 55g
20g melted butter
3g fine salt
3g baking soda


1. Mix the four Sponge ingredients together in a mixing bowl.

2. Seal with cling wrap and let the sponge dough stands in room temperature for 5 hours or overnight. The original recipe suggested to keep the Sponge overnight, but I shortened the fermentation duration to 5 hours 😬

3. Towards the end of the 5-hour fermentation, melt butter in the rice cooker using "Keep Warm" function.

4. At end of the 5-hour fermentation, 

mix melted butter with an egg,

before pouring into the Sponge dough. Mix well.

Followed by salt,

and baking soda.

Blend well.

The batter became bubbly.

5. Preheat the waffle maker and apply a thin coat of oil over the surface.
Pour an appropriate amount of batter onto the waffle maker, close and wait for the "Ready" sign to light up.
As the batter "expands" quite substantially during heating, try to avoid over filling the mould, to avoid spilling.

At end of baking, the waffle became golden brown and crispy.

6. Serve the waffles immediately to enjoy the crispiness.  If the waffles become soft after cooling down, toast it to regain its crispiness.

Serve with whipped cream and berry jam

Whipped Cream
150g cold whipping cream
10g icing sugar
10g cold mayonnaise subsititute (optional) *

* it helps to hold the whipped cream in room temperature longer.

1. Freeze the mixing bowl and whisks for 30 minutes before using.

2. Pour all the ingredients in the cold mixing bowl, whip using an electric hand mixer till firm peaks formed.

3. Keep the whipped cream in the fridge till needed.

Waffle recipe adapted from King Arthur Flour - Classic Sourdough Waffles or Pancakes with great appreciation :)

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