Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Cookie Crust Mung Bean Mooncake

9 simple mooncakes baked to my preference - cookie crust encasing palm sugar and pandan mung bean paste in marble pattern. I just love these soft and mild flavoured mung bean paste fillings - not too sweet nor too oily πŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š
I think I'll try to make a smaller portion next year πŸ˜‰

Yield: 8 mooncake

Mung Bean Paste

200g split mung beans

1. Rinse split mung beans till the water is almost clear. Let it soak for about 3~4 hours.
Drain away the water, and rinse the mung beans till the water almost clear, again.

2. Line a steamer or colander with parchment paper, and pour the soaked split mung beans over the parchment paper.

Using the "Steam" function of a rice cooker, and set the cooking time to about 25 minutes. Start the program.

End of steaming.

3. While the steamed mung beans are still hot, mash the softened mung beans into a dry paste using a fork. Set aside.

Palm Sugar Mung Bean Paste (219g)
25g organic coconut oil
15g palm sugar/gula melaka
15g raw sugar
20+30g hot water, 30g to be added gradually
150g mashed mung beans

1. Heat coconut oil, palm sugar, raw sugar and 20g of hot water in a pot till it bubble at medium low heat.

2. Stir in the mashed mung beans and gradually add in the 30g of hot water, till the ingredients can form into a lump.

3. While the content is still warm, use a hand blender to grind the mixture into a smoother paste,

The finished palm sugar mung bean paste.

Pandan Mung Bean Paste (317g)
40g organic coconut oil
50g raw sugar
20g fresh pandan paste *
pinch of salt
215g mashed mung beans
40g hot water, to be added gradually

* blend 20g fresh pandan leaves with 50g water, and collect 20g without filtering.

1. Heat coconut oil, raw sugar, pandan paste, pinch of salt in a pot at medium-low heat till it starts to bubble.

2. Stir in the mashed mung beans, and gradually add in the 40g of hot water, till the mixture form into a lump.

3. While the content is still warm, use a hand blender to grind the mixture into a smoother paste,

4. Keep both the palm sugar and pandan mung bean pastes in two separate bags. Refrigerate after cooling down to room temperature.

Cookie Crust (346g)
100g salted butter, softened
40g icing sugar
24g beaten egg
160g Prima plain flour plus
20g custard powder/corn starch

1. Cream softened butter till light. Sieve in the icing sugar and cream till fluffy.

2. Blend in the beaten egg.

3. Sieve and fold in the plain flour plus using a spatula.

4. Fold the mixture into a well-mixed dough.

5. Keep the dough in a plastic bag and refrigerate for about 30 minutes before shaping.
I kept the mung bean pastes and cookie dough in a fridge overnight.


1. Let the fridge-cold mung bean pastes and cookie dough warm up in room temperature for about 40 to 60 minutes.
Divide them into 9 balls each.

2. Roll flat both palm sugar mung bean ball and pandan mung bean ball between two plastic sheets.
I re-used the plastic bags for storing the mung bean pastes for the above purpose.

With the help of the plastic sheet, flip the palm sugar mung bean paste over the pandan mung bean paste.

Roll the paste up into a swissroll. And shape into a ball.

3. Similarly for cookie dough, roll the ball into a flat dough sandwiched between two plastic sheets.

4. Place the combined mung bean ball in the centre of the cookie dough, wrap up and shape into a smooth ball.

5. Arrange the shaped dough over baking tray lined with parchment paper.
Bake naked in a preheated oven at 180℃ for 15 minutes at middle rack.

Let the dough cool down for about 15 minutes in room temperature.

Brush two coat of beaten egg over the crust, and stick 5 pumpkin seeds on top each dough ball, before returning to oven and continue to bake at 180℃ for about 15 minutes, or till the crust turn golden.

6. Let the mooncakes cool down slightly before serving πŸ˜‹
Keep the unconsumed mooncakes in the fridge, and toast in an oven toaster before serving.

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