Sunday 8 December 2013

Steamed Egg White Custard 鲜奶炖蛋白

4 egg whites
500g full-fat milk
4 tsp condensed milk /sugar
40ml caramel (optional)

1. Warm milk and condensed milk in a rice cooker for 10 minutes, if you are using cold ingredients.

2. Pour egg whites into a mixing bowl.

3. Slowly pour the warm milk mixture into the egg whites and stir constantly.
Try not to stir up too much air bubble in order to get a smoother texture custard.

4. Sift the mixture twice.

5. Pour the mixture into 4 heat resistant containers. Cover the containers with lids, food wrap or aluminum foil.

6. Steam the custard at medium heat for 10 minutes and low heat for 5 minutes till done.
Remove the food wrap from the custard while cooling down. This is to prevent the condensed water from dripping onto the custard surface, so as to keep the surface mirror smooth.

7. Serve hot or cold :)

You may add caramel for added flavour :)

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