Thursday, 12 October 2017

Mango Jam 芒果酱

Recently, I have a growing interest in churning fresh fruits into yummy jams 😁 Not only my family can enjoy the freshest jams, but I can also control the taste, and the ingredients used in the jams 🍓🍊🍋
For example, the mango I bought was quite sweet. In order to add a little tangy taste to plain sweetness,  a little lemon was added during cooking. I also added a little butter to enhance the flavour of the mango jam. That's the fun of playing with the ingredients in jam making 😀

Produced:  250g mango jam


300g peeled mango*
15g lemon with skin, optional
70g raw sugar
10g unsalted butter
10g organic rice malt syrup/golden syrup, optional

* The mango I used was of Australian origin.


1. Peel mango and cut into small cubes.

2. Cut a small section of lemon. Keep the yellow lemon skin, and lemon flesh. Discard the whitish pith and seeds. I collected a total of 15g of lemon skin and flesh.
You may omit the lemon if your mango is a little sour. My mango was all sweetness, so I added a little lemon for a better taste 😉

3. Add mango cubes, lemon skin & flesh, and raw sugar to a non-stick pot.

Cook at medium-low heat, stir frequently, and bring the mixture into a boil.

4. When the mixture has thickened, stir in the unsalted butter,

and organic rice malt syrup. You can skip rice malt.

When the mixture has thickened further, reduce the heat and stir regularly.

The jam is ready when the spatula can draw a clear path through the centre.

5. Remove the lemon skin from the jam.

And transfer to a sterilized glass container.

Cover and invert the container. Let it cool down to room temperature in this position.

Store the jam in fridge 😀 Enjoy your fresh mango spread with bread 😋

I used the mango jam as bread spread and bread filling :)

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