Friday, 7 September 2012

Steamed Pandan Oatmeal cake 蒸香兰鸡蛋糕

You may want to view the demostration of this cake in video via this link:

Yield : one 14cm round cake

2 eggs
65g raw sugar
1 tsp condensed milk

60g low fat milk
2 tsp or 6g vegetable oil
10g oatmeal
1 pandan leaf

70g top flour
1/2 tsp baking powder

1. Blend milk, oatmeal, olive oil and pandan leaf in a food processor for 10 seconds.

Blend milk, olive oil, oatmeal and pandan leaf
in a food processor.

2. Mix flour with baking powder using a hand whisk.

Add the baking powder to the flour and stir with
a whisk.

3. Warm up a pot of water (till you see light steam) for beating the eggs. (not boiling water!)

4. Add eggs to a heat resistant mixing bowl. Place the bowl over the pot of warm water. Start beating the eggs with an electric mixer at high speed for 2 minutes.

5. Add in the sugar and condensed milk. Continue to beat for 3 minutes at high speed.

Then reduce the speed to low, and beat for 2 minutes, or till the batter reach the ribbon stage.

6. Pour in the milk mixture from (1), and mix well using an electric mixer at low speed.

Pour in the milk mixture and blend well.

7. Sift in the top flour, in three batches, into the batter. Fold well using a hand whisk after each addition of flour.

8. Line a 14cm round cake tin with baking paper. Pour the batter in till about 3/4 of tin height.

Line the cake tin with baking paper

9. Steam at medium high heat for about 5 minutes, then reduce to medium low heat for another 15 minutes, or till cooked.

Steaming in high heat.

10. Cool the cake on a rack before cutting and serve :)

The cake after steaming, cooling on a rack.

Remove the baking paper from the side.

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