Friday, 19 June 2015

Red Bean Soya Pudding 蜜红豆豆花

This recipe is about the same as my earlier soya pudding recipe except for the directions. I like the use of the two convenient kitchen-stored ingredients -  sweetened soya milk packet drinks and agar agar (seaweed) powder, which allows me to prepare this silky soft dessert any time at home. 

This time I only needed to heat up 1 of the 2 packets of the soya milk to melt the agar agar granules. After the the agar agar granules have dissolved, then add in the second packet of soya milk. By doing this, I reduced the energy needed to heat up the entire two packets of soya milk, which ultimately have to cool it down.
Adding sweetened red beans was just a bonus ingredients. As I can't do much with only 1/2 cup of it :P

Yield: 4 x 200ml pudding cups

2x250ml sweetened soya milk
20g sugar
1 tbsp milk powder
1/4 heap tsp agar agar powder
1 blade pandan leaf (optional)

140 ~ 160 sweetened red beans 

Click the link below for sweetened red bean recipe:

1. In a bowl, mix milk powder, sugar and 1/4 heap tsp of agar agar powder together.

2. Pour 50g of soya milk to mix with the mixture in (1). Let the mixture stands for about 10 minutes to allow the agar agar powder to absorb the liquid.

3. While waiting for the agar agar powder to absorb the liquid, heat up the remaining soya milk in the first packet over medium low heat. Add a blade of pandan leaf for better aroma.

4. When you start to see steam rising from the hot soya milk, pour the agar agar mixture from (2) into it. Stir regularly to facilitate the sugar and agar agar powder to melt.

5. To test whether the mixture is ready, scoop a tablespoon of the soya milk mixture, and let it chill in the fridge for 5 minutes. If the mixture coagulate after 5 minutes, you can pour the other packet of soya milk in and off the heat. Stir to blend well.
Cover the hot mixture to prevent a layer of milk skin from forming on the surface.

6. Scoop sweetened red beans into 4 pudding cups.

8. Add an equal amount of warm soya-agar agar mixture to the 4 pudding cups. Allow them to cool to room temperature before transferring to the fridge to chill.

9. Cover with lids and allow the puddings to chill for at least 3 hours before consumption :)

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