Thursday, 6 March 2014

Baked Rice Flour Cupcake

This is a feathery light gluten-free cake baked using rice flour instead of the usual wheat flour. Due to the small in quantity, the recipe can be baked in a oven toaster which has temperature control.

Yield: 7 cupcakes 

1 egg
1 yolk
25g fine sugar
10g milk
10g honey
20g unsalted butter 
35g rice flour

1. Place milk, honey, and butter in a bowl.

2. Keep warm the ingredients from (1) and eggs, in the rice cooker for 6 minutes, then let the ingredients sit in the rice cooker for another 10 minutes, or till the butter melts.

3. Warm some water till about 50 degree Celsius.

4. Put 1 egg and 1 yolk into a mixing bowl, then place on top of the warm water

5. Beat egg till frothy using an electric mixer, add in sugar. Beat for about 9 minutes, till the batter reaches ribbon stage.

6. Sieve in the rice flour and mix well,

7. Stir the honey mixture from (2) before adding to the batter. First mix using the whisks, then use a spatula to scrap the side and bottom of the mixing bowl.

8. Pour the batter into cupcake mould lined with paper casing.

9. Preheat the oven toaster to 170 degree Celsius.

10. Pump about 5 sprays of water over the surface of the batter. This helps to prevent the top of the cake from getting brown too fast during baking.

11. Bake the cake at 170 degree Celsius for about 16 to 17 minutes, or till the cupcakes turns golden.

12. Remove the cake moulds from the cupcakes immediately. Allow the cupcakes to cool on a wire rack.

13. Serve and enjoy :)

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