Friday, 2 January 2015

Avocado Coconut Yoghurt Bread

This uniquely green loaf of bread has the green pigment attributed to avocado and pandan leaf. Without pandan leaf, the loaf tasted rather plain. It is advisable to bake this bread to "medium" crust colour to bring out the bread aroma. The presence of avocado, nata de coco in the yoghurt, pandan leaf and wholemeal flour, helps to add dietary fibre to the loaf. This healthy bread is soft to bite ;)

Yield: one 13Lx12Wx14cm loaf
Loaf weight: 496g
Appliances: powerful food blender
Whirlpool BM1000 breadmaker

30g whole milk 
50g avocado fresh
130g coconut low-fat yoghurt*
3g pandan leaf, optional 

20g beaten egg 

40g raw sugar
1/4 tsp salt 

20g coconut/veggie oil

225g bread flour 

25g wholemeal flour 
1/2 tsp instant dry yeast 

Some flour for coating
* can use original flavour yoghurt 

1. Pour fresh milk, avocado fresh, coconut yoghurt and pandan leaf into a food blender.
(Adding pandan leaf is optional)

2. Blend the ingredients into a smooth paste.

3. Pour the yoghurt-milk mixture into the bread pan.

4. Pour the 20g (about 1/3 of an egg) beaten egg into the bread pan.

5. Add in the raw sugar and salt.

6. Add in 20g coconut/veggie oil.

 7. Pour in the bread flour.

8. Add in the wholemeal flour.

9. Dig a hole with your finger, and pour in the instant dry yeast.

10. Place the bread pan into the machine, close the lid and turn on the power.

11. Select option "5" Sweet bread, choose your preferred crust colour, and press "start".
It is advisable to choose "Medium" crust colour to give the loaf a better aroma.

This step 12 is optional, you may leave the dough in the bread pan till baking cycle completes. By shaping the dough, you'll get a more uniform loaf and minimize the appearance of conspicuous  air sacs within the loaf.

12. When the countdown timer appears at 1:55 (1 hour after started the "Sweet Dough" program), take out the dough and shape it into a ball. 
Sprinkle some flour over the surface of the dough.
Remove the kneading blade, and place the dough back to the bread pan
As the dough maybe sticky, it is advisable to handle it with a pair of disposable gloves.

13. When the loaf rises too close to the window, to avoid having an untanned top, cover the window with a small piece of aluminum foil.

14. Transfer the loaf to a cooling rack immediately after the baking cycle ends.

A lighter crust colour

A darker crust colour has better bread aroma :)

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  1. Hi if I have left over coconut milk at home can I mix it half half with original yogurt to replace coconut yogurt?


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