Monday, 26 September 2016

Frozen Strawberry

Strawberries are easy perishable fruit especially in our tropical climate. Even if they are kept in the fridge, they would turn bad or dehydrated in a few days. 
Fresh strawberries are commonly sour. Therefore, I would usually blend them into smoothies either with milk or water.
To extend the shelf life of the fresh strawberries, I prefer to keep them in frozen form. The frozen strawberries can be used to replace ice cubes in the smoothie. Without the presence of water (in the form of ice) in the smoothie, it helps to blend a thicker and richer smoothie.

1. Wash strawberries with vegetables wash. Drain and shake off extra water. Cut the strawberries into cubes.

2. Keep the strawberry cubes in a container, and covered with 2  layers of paper kitchen towels, followed by the lid.

4. Keep the container of strawberries in the freezer till needed. The best to use them within a week.

Strawberry pineapple smoothie
Just blend the frozen strawberries with pineapple chunks, and cold water. 
As I used canned sweetened pineapple, so I can omit the honey.

Strawberry Milk Smoothie
Just blend the frozen strawberries with cold fresh milk, whipping cream and honey.Top up with whipping cream.

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