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Natural Yeast Wholemeal Hokkaido Bread 天然酵母全麦北海道吐司

WOW, this is the most aromatic milk bread I have baked so far 😍 The bread has all the essential ingredients to make it smell super-milky - namely the whipping cream, milk powder and butter. The golden crust of the bread also contributes towards the wonderful milk fragrance that engulfed the entire bread 🍞 
The superfine wholegrain flour helps to fortify the bread with dietary fibre without the coarse texture. You won't know you're eating wholegrain bread until you see the ingredient list.

Hokkaido bread is a synonym for bread using high fat milk, like whipping cream. Although there is no trace of Hokkaido origin milk used in this recipe, I just follow the author of this recipe to name it Hokkaido bread as a common identity established for this type of bread 😆

Bread weight: 562g
Raw dough weight: 598g
Bread maker: Mayer MMBM12

Room temperature: 29.9 degree C
Yield: one 20x10x10cm loaves 

Using 100% hydration natural yeast
90g cold water 冰水
75g whipping cream 动物性鲜奶油
30g beaten egg 蛋液
35g raw sugar 黄砂糖
1/4 tsp fine salt 幼盐
20g cold unsalted butter 冷无盐奶油

175g bread flour 高筋面粉
100g superfine wholegrain flour 超幼全麦面粉
15g milk powder 奶粉

1/2 tsp instant dry yeast

50g natural yeast* 天然酵母
* natural yeast can be replaced by 25g each of bread flour and water, with 1/4 tsp instant dry yeast.

1. Feed 100g of active natural yeast with 5g each of cool boiled water and unbleached bread flour. Wait for the natural yeast to double in volume. For good active natural yeast, it should be able to double itself within 60 to 90 minutes. Use the natural yeast, while it is still active, ie. within 3 hours after feeding.
Collect 50g for baking, and keep the remaining in the fridge.

Click the below link on cultivating natural yeast:

2. Mix bread flour, superfine wholemeal flour and milk powder in a mixing bowl.

3.  Pour all the ingredients, following the sequence listed in the ingredients list, into the bread pan.

Dig a hole and pour in the instant dry yeast.

Finally, pour in the natural yeast.

4. Place the bread pan into the bread maker, select C-11 "ferment dough" function, and start the machine.
The mixing, kneading and first proofing will take 1h 30min to complete.

5. When the program stops, let the dough continues to proof in the bread pan for another 30 minutes.

30 minutes later.

6. Turn out the dough onto a floured worktop.

Flatten the dough to release the trapped air. Divide the dough into 3 equal portions, about 199g each.

7. Shape the dough into 3 balls by pulling down the sides, and seal at the  bottom.
Cover and let them rest for about 15 min.

8. Flatten the dough and roll out into a  oval dough.

9. Roll up the dough from the shorter side, cover with a lid, and let it rest for 10 minutes.

10. After the rest, roll out the dough into a flat dough again. The shorter length of the dough should correspond to the shorter width of the Pullman tin. 

11. Flip the dough over so the smoother side will be facing out after rolling up. Roll up the dough from the shorter end. 

Place the dough into a greased non-stick Pullman tin. The open end of the dough should be facing down.

12. Spray some water over the doughs and place them in a closed oven.
Let the dough proof in a warm oven for about 50 to 60 minutes, or till the dough reaches about the rim of the Pullman tin.
To facilitates the second proofing, you may switch on the oven to its minimal temperature for about 1 minute.

13. After the second proofing and the dough has reached about the rim of the Pullman tin, remove the dough out of the oven. Preheat the oven to 210 degree Celsius.  

Slide the cover over to close.

14. Bake the dough at the lower rack of the oven at 210 degree Celsius for about 50 minutes. If your Pullman tin has a thinner wall, you can bake for about 40 minutes at the same temperature.

15. Remove the bread from the Pullman tin immediately after leaving the oven. Let the loaf cool down on a wire rack before slicing it.

16. Slice with a bread knife :)

Butter-sugar toast is a better way to savour this milk-rich bread 💕

Recipe adapted from 
with great appreciation.
谢谢 Tracy 易彩的好分享 😄💕


  1. Hi, do you mind to share what size is your pullman tin? Thanns

    1. Hi, the size of my Pullman tin is 20x10x10cm :)


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