Thursday, 28 January 2016

Milk Powder Condensed Milk

I only use my 1-kg pack of full cream milk powder for baking needs. Judging by the rate it is being used, I'm sure it's going to expire with a large portion unused. Therefore, I decided to turn part of it into condensed milk. 
In fact I've tried it before, but the texture was not as smooth as that using fresh milk to produce. So, this time I strain the milk mixture with a finer coffee filter, before heating it with sugar. The result was much more satisfactory - smooth cream-like condensed milk :)

Click the link below for condensed milk prepared from fresh milk:

Yield: 340~345g of condensed milk

100g hot water 热水
10g unsalted butter 无盐奶油
170g fine sugar 细砂糖
100g full cream milk powder 全脂奶粉

This is the  full cream milk powder I used for making the condensed milk ^^

1. Add hot water to mix with the milk powder. 

2. Strain the milk mixture using a coffee filter, into a heat resistant ware.
Coffee filter is able to strain the finer particles present in the mixture.

3. Add sugar and heat over low temperature. Stir to facilitate ALL the sugar to dissolve, and to prevent burning at the base.
This will help to achieve a smoother condensed milk later.

4. After the sugar has dissolve, add in butter and mix well.

The mixture may seem dilute at the beginning. As you stir further, it will slowly thicken up.
However, try not to over thicken the mixture, as the mixture will slowly thicken further after refrigeration.

When the dripping milk can form a thread, the condensed milk is ready.

5. Pour the warm condensed milk into a clean and dry container. Let it cool down to room temperature before sealing with a lid and keep in the fridge :)

Great appreciation to the following reference:

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