Saturday, 16 January 2016

Multigrain Soya Pulp Sweet Bread 五谷豆渣甜面包

Every weekday morning I would be left with a small bowl of multigrain soya pulp after brewing the nutritious milk for breakfast. The soya pulp not only has the nice aroma of the various beans, but also has a faint pandan leaf scent. When this is added to the bread, it gave rise to a very tender and aromatic loaf of bread.
On average the breads were able to remain soft till the 3rd day :) 

Yield: 2 mini loaves of 10x10x10cm
Bread weight: 318g
Raw dough weight: 330g

The dried beans which would be used in the soya milk making.

The multigrain soya pulp and the milk.

80g cold fresh milk 鲜奶
10g condensed milk 炼乳
20g multigrain soya pulp 五谷豆渣

15g beaten egg 蛋液
30g raw sugar 黄砂糖
1/8 tsp salt 盐
20g cold unsalted butter无盐奶油

135g bread flour 高筋面粉
15g superfine wholegrain flour 超细全麦面粉
1/2 tsp instant dry yeast 即发干酵母

Some beaten egg for glazing 蛋液装饰

1. Mix cold fresh milk, condensed milk and soya pulp. Keep in the fridge for about 15 minutes to lower the temperature.

2. Mix bread flour and superfine wholegrain flour in a bowl. 

3. Pour ingredients into the bread pan in the sequence as they are listed in the ingredients list.

4. Transfer the bread pan to the bread machine. Select "dough" kneading function and activate it.

5. When the program ends, let the dough sits in the bread pan for another 30 minutes.
Need extra proofing time as cold ingredients were used.

30 minutes later

6. Flatten the dough to remove the trapped air, and divide it into 2 equal portions, about 164g each.

7. Roll up the dough, pull down the sides to become a smooth dough ball.

8. Place the dough balls in a loaf pan, spray some water, and proof in a warm oven for about 40 to 50 minutes, or till the size doubles.

9. Start to preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius, and apply egg wash over the dough.

10. Bake at the middle rack of an oven set at 180 degree Celsius for about 20 minutes, or till the crust turns golden.

11. Remove the bread for the oven and transfer to a cooling rack.

12. Cut and serve :)

~~~~~~~~~~Pullman Loaf~~~~~~~

Yield: One 20x10x12cm loaf
Bread weight: 600g
Raw dough weight: 654g

160g cold fresh milk 鲜奶
20g condensed milk 炼乳
40g multigrain soya pulp 五谷豆渣

30g beaten egg 蛋液
60g raw sugar 黄砂糖
1/2 tsp salt 盐
40g cold unsalted butter 无盐奶油

270g bread flour 高筋面粉
30g superfine wholegrain flour 超细全麦面粉
1 tsp instant dry yeast 即发干酵母

Some beaten egg for glazing 蛋液装饰


Please prepare the dough as per the above mentioned step (1) to (5).

Please refer to this link below for shaping method and baking instruction. 

The crumb is light and soft :)

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