Saturday, 7 January 2017

Keeping Coriander Green Longer

Do you believe this is my one-week-old corianders? 😱 Yes, they still look so green. Coriander is an easily perishable herb which turn yellow or brown very fast if they're not properly store.

After trying different methods, I found by wrapping the healthy and fresh corianders between cling wrap and paper kitchen towels, then store in brown paper bag* is, by far, the most effective way.

* I bought the brown paper bag from SKP store. You can use newspapers too. But the print on the papers make it not a good option to store food 🤔


1. Soak the fresh coriander with vegetable & fruit wash. Rinse a few times.

2. Trim away the roots, and hang-dry the coriander at room temperature for about 2 hours, or till partially dry.

3. Place a big sheet of cling wrap on the kitchen top. Spread out the coriander on a paper kitchen towel place above the cling wrap.  Next, place another sheet of paper kitchen towel over.

4. Roll up the corianders sandwich between the cling wrap and paper kitchen towel like a Swiss roll.

Fold in the both ends to seal the coriander properly.

5. Keep the sealed coriander in a brown paper bag, and tie with a  rubber band.

7. Store the wrapped coriander in the vegetable drawer/compartment of the fridge.

After one week, although the ends of the corianders were a little dry, overall, the corianders were still green 😁

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