Monday, 9 January 2017

Onion Pork Floss Oatmeal Pancake 香葱肉松燕麦饼

I have been trying sweetened oatmeal pancake, but not the savoury version. Today, I just borrowed the idea from the Chinese "pan fried onion pancake 葱油饼", and allowed my simple oatmeal pancake to take on a new flavors. It made an easy and delicious lunch for me 😋

Yield: one 15 cm round pancake 

15g plain flour, 1 tbsp
45g quick cook oatmeal
110~120g fresh milk
1/2 tsp golden syrup/honey
1/8 tsp fine salt
Dash pepper
Dash seasoning/chicken stock powder
1/2 GB tsp vegetable oil 
1 egg

1 tbsp spring onion, cut
3 tbsp pork floss
1 tsp roasted sesame seeds
1 tsp spring onion

1. Add plain flour and oatmeal in a small mixing bowl.

2. Pour milk into the mixing bowl, mix briefly, and allow to stands for about 5 minutes.

3. Blend in golden syrup, salt, pepper, seasoning powder, then followed by vegetable oil.

4. Add in the egg.

5. Finally, add in the cut spring onion.
Leave behind some spring onions for garnishing later.

5. Heat up about 1 tsp oil in a pan or pot.

Pour in the batter when the oil is hot. Reduce the heat slightly after about 1 minute. Cook in medium-low heat to prevent browning the base too soon.
Cover with a lid to cook the pancake faster.

6. When the edge of the pancake starts to harden, while the centre is still wet, sprinkle pork floss and roasted sesame seeds evenly over the wet top.

Lower the heat to cook the pancake through.

7. Dish out the pancake, sprinkle spring onion, and cut the pancake after the pancake has slightly cool down.
Enjoy 😁

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