Friday 15 September 2017

Light Rye Bread 轻裸麦面包

i'm not familiar with rye flour, so I have to rely on a ready recipe for guidance.  I added extra water to make the dough pliable. As the water was added based on estimation, so the water quantity in this recipe is just a guide. 

I'm happy with the colour and texture of the bread. 

As no photo was taken during the process, it's a regret that you won't be seeing a pictorial recipe here for the time being. I'll try to supplement the recipe with photos after my next bake 😁

Mould: 20x14x8 cm oval banneton
Bread maker: Mayer MMBM12


127 + 23g cold water*
28g raw sugar
5g fine salt

200g unbleached bread flour
40g rye flour
4g instant dry yeast

10g unsalted butter

* The original recipe suggested 127g of water, but I added another 23g of water accordingly to my dough condition.


1. Prepare dough using the "C-11 Ferment Dough" of the Mayer Bread maker. The process, which takes 1hour 30minutes to complete, includes mixing, kneading and 1st fermentation.

2. Turn out the dough onto a floured work top. Deflate the dough using the palm, and shape into a ball. Cover and let the dough rest for about 15 minutes.

3. Roll flat the dough into a rectangular shape. Roll up the dough starting from the shorter end. Pinch to seal the end. 

4. With the seam side facing up, place the dough into a floured oval banneton. Cover with a tea cloth and let the dough proof for about 30 minutes, or till double in size.

5. When the dough has size, preheat the oven to 200°C. Invert the dough onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper.
Sprinkle some flour over the top, and make a long slit using a razor.

6. When the oven is ready, bake the dough at middle rack of the oven at 200°C for about 30 minutes, or till done.

7. Transfer the hot bread to a cooling rack. Slice the bread after it has completely cool down. Enjoy the healthy bread 🍞😋

Recipe adapted from

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