Thursday, 4 October 2012

HappyCall mini cheesecake

Biscuit base Ingredients:
35g Marie biscuits, crush to fine crumb
20g butter, melted

1) Lined a 14cm cake mould with baking paper.

Line a aluminium strip is to facilitate
lifting the cheesecake from the cake

Estimating the size of the paper

Cut the edge.

Lined the cake mould with baking paper.

The cake mould fully lined with
baking paper.

The baking papers cut accordinly.

2) Place all the marie biscuits in a plastic bag and crush to powder using a rolling pin.

Crushed the marie biscuits.

Crushed the marie biscuits to powder form
using a rolling pin.

3) Melt the butter in a rice cooker by using the 'keep warm' mode.

Melt the butter in a rice cooker using
'keep warm' mode.

4) Pour the melted butter to the crushed biscuit and mix well.

Pour in the melted butter to the
crushed biscuits.

5) Pour (4) into a cake mould and press tight.

Press and compact the biscuit base.

Cheese Ingredients:
125g cream cheese, room temperature
45g raw sugar
1 tsp plain flour
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp lemon zest
1 tsp vanila essence
1 egg

The shredded lemon peel.

With food processor:
1) Blend all the cheese ingredients together and pour into the biscuit base.

If you have a food processor, you may
blend all the cheese ingredients in it.

- Go to step (4).

Without food processor:
1) Blend the cream cheese together with the raw sugar till smooth.

Whip the cream cheese.

2) Pour in the beaten egg and continue to blend.

Add in an beaten egg.

3) When the egg is well incorporated with the cheese, add in the lemon juice, lemon zest, flour and vanila essence.

Add in the vanila essence and
lemon peels.

Add in the lemon peels and flour.

4) When all the ingredients are well mixed, pour the batter into the biscuit base amd place in a preheated HCP. Baked at medium heat for about 15 minutes, and low heat for another 30 to 35 minutes.

Place the cheesecake in a preheated

5) When the cheesecake is cooked, the surface will be dry and the middle will be slightly bulge.

When the cheesecake is cooked, the surface will
be dry and the middle will bulge.
6) Cool the cheesecake in a rack till room temperature, before chilling in the fridge for another
5 hours. Cover the cheesecake when place in the fridge.
Lifting up the cheesecake after chilling in
the fridge for 5 hours.

7) Serve cool with strawberry syrup :)


  1. Hi NgaiLeng, I wanna know where did you buy your rolling pin? I've been looking for this non wooden type for so long already! >_< I feel that this type is more hygient.. ;p

    1. Hi Kelly, I bought it from Phoon Huat Hougang branch. I believed it is under the brand 'Wilton" which is famous from cake decoration tools. Phoon Huat has a store in Toa Payoh specialised in this brand.


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