Saturday, 16 July 2016

Soya Grass Jelly Milk Blend 豆浆仙草奶冰

Adding grass jelly to cold soya milk is an nostalgic blend which I knew since I was young. However, I didn't get to drink this as my mom always believes cold drinks are bad for kids. 
With the readily available grass jelly and soya milk in the fridge, I can have it at any time of a day. To make my grass jelly soya milk more "stylish", I topped the blend with fresh milk ice blend. It's a fast to prepare dessert which can be enjoyed immediately :)

300g sweetened grass jelly 
1 tsp large green lime juice, optional
~200g sweetened soya milk
~100g flesh milk
~ 1 cup small ice cubes
~ 1 tbsp raw sugar, optional

1. Cut grass jelly into small cubes. Divide among 4x200ml pudding bottles.

2. Add some large lime juice to the grass jelly. Swirl and shake the bottles to mix well.
You can omit this step. The lime juice helps to lend some lime aroma to the grass jelly.

3. Pour soya milk into the bottles to submerge the grass jelly to about 3/4 the bottle height. Set aside. 

4. Pour ice cubes into the blender cup and top up with fresh milk to just submerge the ice cubes. Add raw sugar if you prefer a slightly sweetened milk smoothie.

Blitz the mixture in a few short pulses, till the ice cubes well blended with the milk

5. Scoop the milk blend into the bottles and top up with a 1/2 slice of green lime.

6. Your dessert is ready :)

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