Saturday 17 March 2012

Making strawberry ice cream

Strawberries 1 pack (abt 300g)
Whipping cream 200ml
Icing sugar 5 tbsp

Wash and dry strawberries. Cut into bit size and purée them.
Add and mix icing sugar together with whipping cream to the purée.
When done, pour into a glass container and cover with a piece of baking paper. Cover with an air-tight lid and freeze it.
Use a fork to stir the mixture every one hour till the entire cream is set.


  1. Hi May i know if whipping cream n icing sugar need to be whipped first before adding into the puree pls? TIA

    1. Hi Siew Gek, this is an very old recipe. I think the recipe which I followed didn't whip the cream before adding to the strawberry purée. Only need to stir regularly during the freezing process. However, by adding whipped cream to the purée should get a better texture :)


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