Saturday, 21 July 2012

Grass jelly soya bean curd 仙草豆花

500ml water
2 sachet Unisoy unsweetened soya powder 30g each
40g brown sugar
1 pandan leaf (optional)
1 1/2 tsp ice jelly powder
1 box sweetened grass jelly

1. Pour half of the water into a pot to heat at medium low.
2. In a bowl, mix soya powder, jelly powder and sugar together, and slowly add in the remaining water. Stir constantly and break down any lumps.
3. Pour the well blended soya jelly paste into the pot to heat together with pandan leaf. Stir constantly until all the ingredients dissolve. To test whether the jelly liquid is ready, just scoop a small spoon out and wait for it to solidify. If it solidifies in a minute, then you may stop heating. DON'T boil.
5. Pour the soya jelly into containers and add in cut grass jelly cubes. When the bean curds cool to room temperature, chill them in fridge. Serve cold 😊

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