Sunday 21 July 2013

Black & White Fungus Sweet Dessert 木耳甜汤

Serving 4 dessert bowls

30g dry white fungus 干白木耳
5 g dry black fungus 干黑木耳
2 pcs seedless red dates 无核红枣
1 pc honey date 蜜枣
4 pcs dry longan 龙眼干
40g cooked barley 熟薏仁
3 pcs cooked candied winter melon 熟冬瓜糖
500g water 水
1 pandan leaf 香兰叶
80g rock sugar 冰糖

1. Rinse and soak all the dry white fugus, black fungus, red dates, honey date and dry longan for about 20 minutes.


2. Remove the base of the white and black fungus.

3.. Collect 40g of barley and a few candied winter melon strips from the residue of your barley brew.
4. Heat up 400g water with pandan leave, red dates, honey date and longan in a pot.
5. Use a food processor to chop the white fungus and candied winter melon strip into coarse bit. Add the remaining 100g water to the white fungus in the  grinding cup. 
Use pulse mode to operate the processor. Every grinding will last for 1 second. Give 5 intervals grinding.
Do not use long grinding as the white fungus will turn into paste and affect the texture.

You can view the process here:

6. Use a scissor to cut the black fungus into small bits.

7. Pour all the white fungus, black fungus, barley into the pot. Bring to a boil, then add in rock sugar.

8. Lower the heat and simmer for 30 minutes or to your desired tenderness.

9. Serve warm or cold :)
Please consume the dessert within the same day. As it is not advisable to keep food with white fungus for more than 24 hours. 

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