Saturday 12 September 2015

Steamed Banana Milk Cake 蒸香蕉牛奶蛋糕

A light and soft steamed cake added with delicious Korean banana milk. Simple ingredients, ready in less than 20 minutes of steaming :)

Yield: One 14cm round cake


75g top/cake flour
1/4 tsp baking powder 

50g banana milk, room temperature
15g condensed milk
10g vegetable oil

2 egg whites, room temperature
50g fine sugar
2 egg yolks

2粒 蛋,蛋白蛋黄分开
50g 细糖
1/4小匙 泡打粉


1. Line a 14cm round cake pan with parchment paper. Wrap the base with aluminum foil if you are using a removable base pan.

2. Mix top/cake flour with baking powder. Set aside.

3. Mix banana milk, condensed milk and oil in a small bowl. Set aside.

4. In a clean and dry stainless steel mixing bowl, beat egg white till frothy. Add in fine sugar in three batches, beat at medium high speed, till firm peaks formed. Towards the end of the whipping, gradually reduce the speed to low.

5. Add in the egg yolk, one at a time. Whip till the pulled up batter can stay on the batter for more than than 5 seconds.

6. Add in the flour mixture (2) and milk mixture (3) in alternate sequence. Starting with flour and end with flour. 
Do not over mix the batter, or you'll end up with a tough cake.

7. Pour the batter into the prepared cake pan. Bang the cake pan against the work top to get rid of trapped air parcels.

8. Steam the batter in a pre-heated pot of water at medium high heat for 5 minutes. Then lower the temperature to to low, and steam for about 13 to 15 minutes, or till an inserted cake tester came out dry.

9. Remove the cake from the pot, drop it from a height of about 5cm to a kitchen  cloth, and let the cake cool down in the pan for 5 minutes.

Remove the cake from pan, and let it cools down on a wire rack.

10. When the cake has cooled down, slice and enjoy :) 


  1. Hi ngai leng, wanna ask can this be bake too? And what's the temp and duration if i bake? If im doing steam method, using a 8" removable tin, what is the amount in the ingredients i shld increase to?

    1. Hi, you can bake this recipes at about 170 degree Celsius for about 20 to 25 minutes. For an 8" pan, maybe you can try x2 or x2.5

  2. Hi may I use all purpose fliur instead. If yes, how many grams? Thank you

    1. Hi, sorry for the over-delayed reply :) Yes, you can use about 70g of all-purpose flour with 5g corn or potato starch to replace 75g of top flour :)

  3. Hi, how did u manage to fold your parchmemt paper so neatly into the pan?!

    1. Hi Yap, you just need patience to fold the parchment paper following the contour of the pan, hehe ;)


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