Saturday 26 December 2015

Longan Mango Ice Jelly 龙眼芒果文头雪

Craving for a bowl of sweet and tangy ice jelly on a hot day? Using all the ready ingredients, I prepared four pudding bottles of ice jelly using a small can of longan in syrup, 2 cups of mango jelly, yuzu drink, some ice cubes, and fresh lemon juice. It's easy, and will be ready within minutes if you have all the ingredients in the fridge. Try it, you never know it's that easy :D

1 small can longan in syrup, 234g
1 pack Golden Mango fruit jelly, 2x125g
4 tbsp Yuzu drink
1 tray of ice cube
1 tbsp lemon juice

1. Dice the mango jellies and divide them among 4 pudding bottles.

2. Distribute longan and its syrup among the bottles.

3. Pour yuzu drinks into the bottles. 
This ingredient is optional, you may omit it.

4. Add ice cubes to the bottles and squeeze lemon juice in, too.

5. The dessert is ready :)

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