Thursday 30 June 2016

Steamed Savoury Yam Cake 蒸芋头糕

Yam cakes with lots of, lots of, yam cubes - that's one of the features of home edition yam cake. Besides, we have the luxury of adding our favourite toppings like sweet Chinese BBQ pork bits, or bacon bits if we prefer savoury to sweet. 
I replaced part of the rice flour ingredient by wheat starch to make the cake softer. A little tapioca starch also helped in enhancing the yam cake taste by adding springiness to plain firmnes :) 

Yield: two 15cm-diameter by 5 cm tall round cakes

Ingredient A:
100g rice flour 粘米粉
35g wheat starch 澄粉
15g tapioca flour 木薯粉
1/2 tsp salt 盐
1/2 tsp seasoning powder 调味粉
1/2 tsp pepper 胡椒粉
500g water 水

Ingredient B:
250~300g peeled yam 去皮芋头
2 tbsp minced garlic 蒜泥
1 tsp fried onion crisps 葱头酥
20g dried shrimp, minced 虾米
10g shiitake mushrooms, sliced 香菇片
20g chinese sausage*, diced 腊肠切粒
3/4 tsp light soya sauce 酱清
2 tsp sugar 糖
1/4 tsp pepper powder 胡椒粉
1/8 tsp give spice powder 五香粉
100~120g mushroom water + shrimp water + water 泡香菇和泡虾米的水
* can replace by 肉干 or Chinese pork jerky 可由肉干取代

Garnishing ingredients 
20g 肉干 or Chinese BBQ jerky
Cut spring onion
Cut red chilli
Fried onion crisp
Roasted sesame seeds

Sweet sesame sauce
Sambal chilli paste

1. Line two 15 cm round heat-resistant cake moulds with parchment paper at the base. Lightly coat the wall with vegetable oil.

2. Soak mushroom and dried prawns till soften. Mushrooms slice into thin strips while dried prawns chopped into bit size.
Keep the soaked water for later use.

Collect the soaked water and add water, if necessary, to make up a 100 to 120 ml mixture. Set aside.

3. Mix ingredient A and let it stand for an hour.

4. Cut yam into 1cm or smaller cubes. Set aside.

Heat up about 2 tbsp of oil in a non-stick pot at medium heat. Stir-fry minced garlic till frangrance.

Add in chopped dried shrimp, mushroom slices and onion crisps. Stir-fried till frangrant.

Stir in the 肉干粒 or Chinese BBQ pork.

Add in yam cubes, and followed by 5- spice powder and other seasonings. The amount of 5-spice powder will be determine by your preference.

Pour in the mushroom water mixture from (2). Stir till the ingredients absorbed all the liquid.

6. Pour ingredient A into B and mix well. Stir the mixture in low heat, till it slightly thickens.

7. Pour the cooked ingredients from (4) into the prepared cake moulds.
Lightly bang the cake moulds to even out batter.

8. Place the two batters in a steamer and steam at high heat for about 35 to
40 minutes, or till an inserted cake tester came out clean.

Let the 2 cakes cool over a wire rack.
After the cakes have return to room temperature, cover and keep the cakes in a fridge overnight. 

9. Unmould and cut the cakes. After steaming, sprinkle all the garnishing ingredients before serving. 
Enjoy :)


  1. I love steamed yam cake. Yours look very delectable. May I ask why the flour mixture had to leave aside for an hour?

    1. Hi Veronica, thank you for liking my steamed yam cake. I'm still new in making this cake, slowly picking up ^^ I let the flour mixture stands for an hour is to let the flour fully absorb the water. One hour was an estimation, after I finished preparing the rest of the items, it was about an hour later :)

  2. What type of seasoning powder did you use? Going to try out yr yam cake recipe this Friday! Thanks!

    1. Hi Christina, you can use chicken stock powder or Knorr brand "好吃" seasoning powder :)

    2. Hope you'll like the recipe :)

  3. Hi, love yr recipes with all the pictures guidance. It is very helpful :)
    By the way, do u hv a steam carrot cake recipe to share? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi L K Puay, thank you for liking my pictorial presentation ^^ Very sorry, I haven't try on steamed carrot cake, so can't share with you :)

  4. Hi, I love yam cake and would like to try your recipe. I see that you steam your yam cake in the Roman steamer. Can you share where you get the baking tins that fit the Roman steamer? Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Grace, the stainless steel mould with a right angle base - I bought it from Daiso. While the other rounded base one, I bought it from Fairprice hypermart. It's a "Zebra" brand product.
      Hope you'll like the recipe 😊

  5. Hi, I love yam cake. Wondering why is my yam cake turn up to be very soft. I use 300gm rice flour + 75gm tapioca flour mic with 1200ml water. Is this proportion correct? Pls help

    1. Hi Carol, by comparing your water:flour ratio to mine, your water quantity seems lower than mine. My flour:water ratio is almost 1:6. That's mean for 300g of rice flour, I need about 1800 ml of water.
      If you under-steam the cake, the cake may not be firm too. I prefer to steam the cake in smaller mould, so the heat is easier to reach the centre of the cake.
      When the cake is still hot, it tends to be soft too. If you keep it overnight in the fridge before cutting, the cake would be firmer too.
      Hope this info helps 😊


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