Thursday 29 September 2016

Sweet Coconut Filling

Yield: 357g sweetened coconut


250g grated coconut, room temperature 
90g gula melaka/palm sugar 椰糖
2 tsp red sugar 红糖 (optional 可免)
1/4 tsp salt 盐
50g water 水
2 pandan leaf (optional) 香兰叶
1 tsp glutinous rice flour 糯米粉
2 tbsp water to mix with glutinous rice flour 水,用来调糯米粉成糊


1. Dissolve palm sugar/gula melaka, red sugar and salt in 30g of water with pandan leaf under medium heat. Let the ingredients boil for a while in order for the fragrance of the pandan leaf to infuse into the sauce. Stir regularly.

2. Stir in the grated coconut and mix well.

3. Finally pour in the glutinous rice water and blend well. Stirring regularly till the mixture becomes slightly drier and sticky.

4. Remove the pandan leaf and transfer the sweetened coconut to a metal bowl to cool down. Set aside.

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