Monday 5 December 2016

Honey Cheese Pumpkin Bread 蜂蜜乳酪南瓜面包

I turned some "aged" ingredients (a small chunk of pumpkin, and some expiring cheddar + Parmesan cheese) from my fridge into a delicious loaf of golden bread. A few coats of honey-water was applied to the hot cheesy crust after the bread was just out of the oven. It gave the cheese crust a glossy look as well as a little sweetness 😋 

Raw dough weight: 505g
Bread weight: 543g
Bread maker: Mayer MMBM12
Baking tin size: 29x10x6.5cm narrow base


100g cold fresh milk 冷牛奶
20g condensed milk 炼乳
50g cooked pumpkin paste 熟南瓜泥
25g beaten egg 蛋液
30g raw sugar 黄砂糖
1/4 tsp salt 盐
30g cold unsalted butter 冷无盐牛油
225g bread flour 高筋面粉
25g top/cake flour 低筋面粉
3/4 tsp instant dry yeast 即发干酵母

Glazing & Toppings
Some beaten egg 蛋液
50g shredded white cheddar cheese 乳酪
10g grated Parmesan cheese 乳酪
1 tbsp golden syrup/ honey 蜂蜜
1 tsp hot water 热水


1. Steam about 70g of peeled pumpkin chunks at high heat for about 15 minutes.

Collect about 51 to 52g of steamed pumpkin and mash it into paste.

2. Mix fresh milk, condensed milk and 50g of pumpkin paste in a beaker and refrigerate for about 20 minutes before use.

3. Pour ingredients into bread pan accordingly to their order listed.
Transfer to the bread maker, select "C-11 Ferment Dough" function, and start the program.
The program, which includes mixing, kneading and 1st fermentation, will take 1 hour 30 minutes to complete.

4. After the program ends, let the dough sits in the pan for another 20 minutes.

20 minutes later.

5. Turn out the dough onto a floured work top, flatten it, and divide it into 9 portions about 55g each.

6. Roll up the dough, pull down the sides and tuck at the base. Pinch to seal.

Shape the dough into slightly oval shape.

7. Place the doughs into the lined long baking pan, 

Spray some water and keep the dough in a closed oven for about 50 minutes, or till the doughs double in size.

8. Preheat the oven to 200°C. Apply egg wash over the doughs before sprinkling the shredded cheddar cheese and grated Parmesan cheese over.

9. After sending in the doughs, reduce the oven temperature to 180°C, and bake for about 20 to 22 minutes, or till the cheese turns golden.

10. While the bread is baking, prepare the honey water by adding hot water to the honey.

11. After leaving the oven, brush honey water evenly over the hot cheese crust.

12. Allow the bread to cool down slightly before serving 😀

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