Wednesday 27 September 2017

Sweet Dessicated Coconut 干煸椰丝

Homemade dessicated coconut prepared from grated fresh coconut toasted in a dry pan to golden and fragrant. It can be used in rendang/dry curry dishes, or topping for bread or cookies 🍛🍞🍪 
As it is quite easy to prepare the dessicated coconut, so I just prepare a small quantity enough for my rendang dish. Use it while it is fresh 🌴

Produced about 40g of sweet dessicated coconut


70g fresh grated coconut
Pinch of salt
2 tsp raw sugar


1. Heat grated coconut in a non-stick pot or pan at low heat till the coconut becomes light and loose. Stir frequently to avoid burning it.

2. Add in salt and raw sugar.

Continue to stir the coconut till the sugar dissolve, or till slightly golden brown.

3. Store the coconut in a clean and air-tight container till needed 😀

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