Thursday 7 December 2017

Kiwi Pineapple Jam 奇异果凤梨果酱

A sweet and a little tangy pineapple and kiwi jam. I first came across this jam combination from the popular IXL jam. Although the jam has a mild flavour, it is very appetizing 😉

Produced: 240g kiwi pineapple jam


240g kiwi, peeled and cut
25g lemon with skin
75g raw sugar *
60g honey pineapple
15g raw sugar *

* The amount of added sugar is determined by the sweetness of the fruits.


1. Rinse and remove the kiwi skin.

Cut the kiwi into small cubes. I collected about 240g of kiwi from two XL size fruits.

2. Cut about 1cm thick of lemon ring. Remove the white pith, and keep the yellow lemon peel and pulp.

3. Squeeze the lemon juice,

and add the lemon ring, as well as 75g of raw sugar to the kiwi.

Mix well and set aside.

4. Trim away the harder core of the pineapple, and cut it into small.chunks.

Add about 15g of raw sugar to mix with the cut pineapple.

5. Cook pineapple and kiwi in a pot using medium heat.

Stir occasionally to ensure no over-browning at the base.

Lower the heat when the mixture starts to thicken.

6. The jam is ready when the spatula can draw a defined gap through the middle of the jam.

7. Remove the lemon peel from the hot jam.

8. Transfer the hot jam to a sterilized glass container.

Seal the opening with a cling wrap and lid.

Invert the hot jam and let it cool to room temperature.

9. Keep the jam in the fridge after opening 😀

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