Monday 23 November 2020

Furby The Rabbit

In the early hours of 23 November 2020 morning, my favourite photography rabbit - Furby, quietly quitted her job and move on to her next assignment 🐰 She has been with us for coming to a decade, and was our most cooperative and photogenic rabbit. She would freeze for the photo snapping, and dashed towards the camera while video shooting. My family uploaded her photos and videos to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. We are glad that we have kept these fond memories of her 😊

If you have ever scrolled up to my very first post of this blog, you would find it was not food, but Furby being a palm tree leaf thief. Furby was less than a year old, and was constantly snipped at our palm tree.  Link: My Mind Patch: Palm tree leaf thief

My Mind Patch was not intend to be a food blog, but a blog that recorded my daily memorable activities. That's why I had the cute Furby to be my first post 😍

About Furby

Name: Furby
Alias: Cappuccino, θ‚₯ε…”,福兔,兔子
Birth Date: 03.03.2011 in Year of Rabbit, we truly did not know her exact birth date. In order to celebrate her yearly birthday, we just fixed it on 03.03 for easy remembrance. 
Last Date: 23.11.2020 early morning between 1~5.30 am
Breed: LionHead rabbit
Color: gold, white and black
Hygiene level: poor self hygience. She would sit on her own poo and pee without realizing them. She only cared about grooming her face and ears 🐰
FaceBook account: Furby TheRabbit
YouTube: smooink

Video of Furby being chased by Star War character BB-8 (View in Web version)


Furby celebrating her 9th Birthday on 03.03.2020 (View in Web version)

Furby's arrival in middle of Year 2011 in a little carton

After about half a year in a cage, we let her roam around the house 🏠

Leaving havoc in every corners of the house

Jumped up and played on the sofa. She later "tore down" the sofa by pulling out lining and foam under the sofa. Eventually, we were left without a sofa.

Her typical day activity(view in web version)

The Sun-loving Furby
Furby liked sun-bathing in the warmth of the morning Sun πŸŒžπŸŒ…

... even in her last few final days 🌻🌞

Furby was like a guarding angel πŸ‘Ό

Furby and her rabbit-mate for about 8 years

Furby celebrating her birthdays

Furby was always ready for camera shootings. She seldom reject any silly objects we placed on her.

... even frozen ice cream tub πŸ˜„

To be continued ...🐰


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