Sunday, 7 November 2021

Golden Pumpkin Muah Chee

Transformed a popular local snack, muah chee or mochi, into a yummy snack with slightly higher nutritious value. I learned from a TV program that pumpkin is good for easing acid reflux, and black sesame seeds are good for lowering risk of heart disease. Replace the cane sugar by Equal Gold sucralose , you can cut the calorie of the snack by some proportion. Besides the better nutritious benefits, it is still a very delicious snack to enjoy 😋

Love this sticky and stretchy snack with aromatic black sesame seeds and peanut powder coating. Yum Yum 😋

Yield: 4 snack size portions 

Black Sesame Seeds Peanut Coating
20g roasted black sesame seeds
80g ground peanut powder
30g caster sugar / 15g Equal Gold *

* sweetness of the coating can be adjusted to your preference.

1. Roast black sesame seeds at 150℃ in a preheated oven toaster for about 10 ~ 15 minutes, or till fragrant. Swirl the black sesame seeds in intervals to avoid over-burning them.

2. While the black sesame seeds were still hot, crush them in a mortar using a pestle to release the fragrance of the black sesame seeds.

3. Mix the crushed black sesame seeds, peanut powder and sugar or Equal Gold together in a bowl. Set aside. 
You can control the sweetness of the black sesame seeds peanut powder by gradually adding the sugar/Equal Gold.

Steamed Pumpkin Paste
60g raw pumpkin with skin

1. Cut away the pumpkin skin and remove the seeds.

2. Cut into chunks and steam for about 15 minutes till softened.

3. Mash the hot pumpkin chunks into paste using a fork. Collect about 50g of mashed pumpkin and set aside.

Pumpkin Dough ingredients 
95g glutinous rice flour
10g  tapioca starch
10g fine sugar/ 5g Equal Gold
25g hot water
50g mashed steamed pumpkin from above
about 100g water

1. Mix glutinous rice flour, tapioca starch and sugar in a jug or bowl.

2. Pour hot water to the flour mixture and stir to mix.

3. Mix in the pumpkin paste.

4. Finally, gradually add in the water, and mix into a smooth paste. Cover and let the batter stands for about 30 to 60 minutes.

5. Heat about 1 tbsp of mild flavour vegetable oil in a non-stick pan at medium low heat. When the pan has been evenly heated up, pour in the batter and let it spread out on its own.

Cover the lid and wait for the batter to turn opaque or harden at low heat.

6. Fold the dough and spread out by pressing with a silicone spatula. Repeat this folding and stretching steps a few rounds. This will help the dough to become more chewy or elastic.

6. Use the spatula to cut the flat dough into small chunks. Avoid placing the chunks too close to each others as they will stick together. 

7. Coat the sticky pumpkin glutinous rice chunks into the black sesame seeds peanut powder mixture. Roll to coat well.

8. Serve it fresh and enjoy 😋


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