Sunday 19 December 2021

Matcha Whipped Cream Red Bean Glutinous Rice Ball

In celebration of the annual winter solstice or 冬至 in chinese, most Chinese families would prepare glutinous rice balls 汤圆 serve in warm sweet soup. For a change, I usually would serve my family with cold glutinous rice ball dessert. This year I served my family with glutinous rice balls served on top of matcha whipped cream, cold low-fat milk, ice cubes and sweetened red beans. The dessert was inspired by Japanese dango red bean matcha dessert, and Korean Dalgona matcha latte. The dessert has a bitter taste coming from matcha whipped cream, which intertwined with lightly sweetened chewy glutinous rice balls and sweet and soft red beans. The low-fat milk and melted ice cubes served to lightened the aftertaste of the bitter matcha whipped cream. 

Honestly, I didn't really enjoy the traditional plain glutinous rice ball dessert 汤圆. So, a few small chewy plain glutinous rice balls to add zest to the matcha dessert was just ideal to me 😋 Most importantly, you won't suffer from indigestion after eating the dessert. Hurray 😍😃

Video of the dessert:

Prepared the recipe in this sequence to save time:
1. cool the blender cup and whisk in the freezer.
2. prepare the glutinous rice dough and rest.
3. start to boil some water in a pot at medium-low heat
4. prepare the matcha whipped cream and store in the fridge
5. shape the glutinous rice balls, cook them, and cool them in ice water.
6. assemble the dessert in the cups 😄

Main Ingredients

Glutinous Rice Ball

30g glutinous rice flour
2g caster sugar, optional
14g hot water
~10g warm water, to be added slowly

Matcha Whipped Cream
150g whipping cream, cold
15g fine sugar
8~9g matcha powder

1 can Hokkaido sweetened red beans
some ice cubes
low-fat milk, cold


1. Mix glutinous rice flour and caster sugar in a mixing bowl. Add 14g of hot water, rest for about 15 seconds without stirring. Mix the ingredients.

2. Mix into rice crumbs, add the warm water in a few batches, until the crumbs come together to form into a pliable smooth dough. Let the dough rest for about 10 minutes before shaping.

3. Divide and shape the dough into about 18 balls, each weighs about 3g.

4. Cook the dough in slow-boiling water till the dough balls turn from opaque to translucent.

5. Transfer the hot glutinous rice balls to a bowl of ice water.

6. Beat cold whipping cream in a tall cold blender cup using a handheld blender at turbo speed, till the cream reaching soft peak.

7. Add in 15g of fine sugar and 8~9g matcha, blend at low speed till well combined. Keep the matcha whipped cream in the fridge.

8. Add ingredients in following sequence to 4 dessert glasses:
sweetened red beans 🠊 ice cubes 🠊 cold low fat milk 🠊 matcha whipped cream 🠊 glutinous rice balls

9. Serve it cold immediately 😋

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