Monday, 2 September 2013

Rice Cooker Lava Egg

Yield: 1 to 4 eggs

1 egg, room temperature
100g water, for steaming

1. Place egg in a heat resistant ware.

2. Pour 100g water into rice cooker pot.

3. Lower the eggs into the rice cooker steamer.

4. Close the lid and start  the 'Steam' function and set cooking time at '5 minutes'.

5. After about 10 minutes, the rice cooker will beep, indicating the steaming process is over.

6. Open the lid and remove the egg drom the rice ccoker immediately. Submerge the hot egg in tap water till cool.

7. Remove the egg shell.

8. If want a brown skin lava egg, you may put the egg in a small plastic bag filled with warm water, dark soya sauce, and salt. Shake the plastic bag every ten minutes to ensure an even coating of the egg.

9. Serve the egg with rice or soup noodle

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