Thursday, 21 April 2016

Breadmaker Pumpkin Milk Bread 面包机南瓜牛奶吐司

A sweet and soft milk bread in golden colour of added pumpkin, "pegged" with crunchy pumpkin seeds on the crust :)

Yield: One 12x12x13 cm loaf
Bread weight: 511g
Raw dough weight: 
Bread maker: Mayer MMBM12


100g cold whole milk 冷全脂牛奶
20g condensed milk 炼乳
50g cooked pumpkin paste 熟南瓜泥

30g fine sugar 细糖
25g beaten egg 蛋液
1/4 tsp salt 盐

30g cold unsalted butter 无盐奶油

225g Prima bread flour 百龄麦高筋面粉
25g Prima top flour 百龄麦低筋面粉
3/4 tsp instant dry yeast 即发干酵母粉

Glazing & Toppings
Some beaten egg
Some pumpkin seeds

1. Steamed about 80g raw pumpkin at medium high heat for 15 minutes, till softened. Drain away the excess water collected at the bottom of the bowl. Mash the softened pumpkin into paste by using a fork. Collect 50g of the pumpkin paste for later use.

Mix cool pumpkin paste, cold fresh milk and condensed milk in a beaker. Refrigerate for about 15 to 20 minutes.

2. Add the ingredients to the bread pan according to the order listed. 

Dig a hole in the flour and pour in the instant dry yeast :)

3. Place the bread pan into the bread machine.

4. Select C-02 "Sweet Bread" function; 

Select the dough weight: "500g",

Select the "crust colour"

And start the program.

5. When the countdown timer reads "1:30" h, a series of "beeps" can be heard. This is the shaping time.

Press the "Stop" button once to pause the program.
The timer will start to blink and an interval beep can be heard.

6. Wear a pair of disposable gloves, remove the dough and the kneading blade from the bread pan.

7. Transfer the dough to a floured surface. Flatten it with your palm to release the trapped air.

8. Roll the dough into a flat rectangular dough, about 1.5 cm thick.

Flip the dough over, roll up from the shorter end.

Dust with flour

9. Place the doughs back to the bread pan.

Spray a little water over the dough, close the lid, 

 And press "Start" button once to continue the program.

10. When the countdown timer reads "0:46" h, pause the program, and apply some beaten egg over the dough

Add some pumpkin seeds over the dough, and resume the program.
This step is optional.

11. While the baking process is going on, cover the breadmaker window with an aluminum foil. This helps to reduce the pale spot on the bread crust.

The bread is ready *\(^o^)/*

12. Transfer the bread to a wire rack to cool down. Slice the bread after it has completely cool down :)


  1. Hi, I don't have sweet bread mode in my breadmaker. Shall I use soft bread mode instead? What's the difference between these 2 modes?

    1. Hi Jerin, you can use soft bread function too. The main difference is the baking time for soft bread is 50 minutes, while sweet bread is 45 minutes. The base of the bread maybe slightly darker if you use soft bread function :)

    2. I tried this recipe and it's super yummy! Thank you Ngai Leng!

    3. I tried this recipe and it's super yummy! Thank you Ngai Leng!

    4. Hi Caroline, thank you for leaving me your nice feedback. Very happy to know you find the bread yummy :)

  2. Hello! I am very tempted to try your bread recipes, all look so good! But I noticed you mostly use the bread maker machine. Have you try to make the breads by hand knead and bake with oven? I do not have a bread machine...

  3. Can use 25g plain flour instead of 25g top flour?

    1. Hi, yes, you can use plain flour or bread flour if you’re not using top flour :)


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