Friday 22 January 2021

Cucumber & Tomato Water Pickle

A light pickle which I like to prepare before heading out to buy our Hainanese Chicken Rice meal. It has milder flavour in terms of saltiness, sweetness and sourness as compare to the pickle done without added water. The sesame oil, garlic and coriander leaves lent a great flavour to the entire bottle of cucumber and tomatoes pickle. The ice cubes also helped to give the vegetables a crunchy texture. Aren't you attracted to the wonderful colours of this jar of pickle? 😍

Servings: 3 to 4 persons 

140g Japanese cucumber
80g cherry tomatoes
3g coriander leaves, cut into short lengths

Quantities can be adjusted according to your preference

40g raw sugar
3g low-sodium salt
50g warm water

5g vinegar
20g green lime juice
some MSG, optional
4g garlic, crushed, remove skin and cut into big pieces
30g ice cubes, enough to submerge the ingredients

1/4 tsp sesame oil

1. Wash cucumber, tomato and green limes using Fruit & Vegetable Wash. As the green lime will be added to the pickle later, so it's best to clean the skin, too.

2. Slice the Japanese cucumber into thin slices using a peeler. You can cut the cucumber slices into shorter length for easy serving.

3. Cut away the core of the cherry tomato, and use a fork to poke a series of holes to the skin.

4. Dissolve raw sugar and salt in warm water.

Add some ice cubes to lower the temperature of the syrup in Step 4 before adding vinegar, lime juice,  lime, MSG and crushed garlic. For the green lime, after extracted the juice, leave the fruits in the marinade for added aroma.

5. Rinse a mason jar with hot water, and let it cool down before use. Add all the prepared ingredients and marinade into the mason jar. Top up with ice cubes to submerge all the ingredients. Finally, pour sesame oil in. 

Cover the jar opening with a sheet of food wrap, and seal with a lid. Swirl the mason jar in a few intervals to allow the marinade and the ingredients to mix well. Store the water pickle in the fridge before serving 😋

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