Saturday 26 March 2022

World Water Day Jelly

22 March 2022 is World Water Day. Prepared 4 cups of agar-agar jelly to join in the fun 💧
Top layer - blue pea flower agar - a crystal like blue layer
3rd layer - plain agar - clean water layer
2nd layer - milk layer - a white layer to reflect light to the transparent layers above
1st layer - palm sugar agar - signify the rich Earth below
- all in pandan flavour🌱

Although the agar agar may seem plain in taste but it signifies the importance of clean water to the living world. The milk and palm sugar layers are kept at the end - good things are worth waiting for😋

Servings: 4 x 200ml glasses

[Agar agar water]
300g water
1 blade pandan leaf

7g agar agar powder 
80g fine sugar
40g water

- bring 300g water and pandan leaf to a boil.
- mix agar agar powder, fine sugar and 40g water into a paste.
- dissolve the agar agar paste in boiling water. Cover the pot with a lid, and keep the agar agar water warm in simmering state. 
Cover the pot to prevent water from evaporating from the warm agar-agar water excessively.

[Palm sugar layer]
4g palm sugar 
40g water

30g warm agar agar water

- dissolve palm sugar in 40g water well.
- add 30g of warm agar agar water to the palm sugar solution. m=Mix all the three well, and divide among the 4 x 200ml-glasses. 
- set in fridge to harden.

[Milk layer]
60g low-fat milk
2g whipping cream 

40g warm agar agar water

- mix all three together and divide among the 4 glasses. 
- set in fridge to harden.

[Plain layer]
210g water
140g warm agar agar water

- mix both together and divide among the 4 glasses. 
- leave the glasses at room temperature to harden.

[Blue pea flower layer]
200g water
2g blue pea flower powder

150g warm agar agar water

- dissolve blue pea flower powder in 200g water.
- add the remaining warm agar agar water (about 150g) to mix with the blue pea flower water. Pour the blue pea flower agar agar water into a long metal tray.
- set in fridge to harden.
- slit the hardened agar agar into stripes, and add to the plain layer of the 4 glasses.
- refrigerate and serve cold 🥶 

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