Saturday 25 February 2023

Milk Custard for bread filling

It has been about 7 weeks since I last updated my blog. So sorry if you have been visiting my blog without seeing any new update 😕. In fact, I have many recipes waiting to share with you, only I have to find time to sit in front of my PC 💻 You can browse my IG for more updated brief recipes 😃
To kick start from a long rest, I will start with a simple recipe 😉

Prepared a small cup of milk custard to be used as bread filling. It has a rich milk taste, and drier than normal egg custard. The custard would not ooze out during baking, and would not form an air sac above the filling after baking. 

This recipe will collect about 247g of custard 🍮


27g top flour
13g potato starch
50g low fat milk

5g vanilla paste
20g raw sugar
20g hot water

60g whipping cream
20g condensed milk
1 egg, 57g 

10g unsalted butter


1. Combine A into a paste.

2. Mix B and add to A mixture in Step 1.

3. Add C ingredients, one at a time to the mixture at step 2.

4. Melt D in a pot till bubbles. Pour in mixture from Step 3. Stir regularly till the mixture thickens.

5. Transfer to a clean container, cover the top of the milk custard with a cling wrap.

6. Cool down before keeping in the fridge.

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