Saturday 23 June 2012

Aloe vera cube in pandan brown sugar syrup

Serving: 4 adults

Aloe Vera 1 stalk
Water 500 ml
Dark brown sugar 2 tsp
Rock sugar 3 tbsp
Pandan leaf 2 leaves
big lime 4 thin slices
(To avoid bitterness in the syrup, you can also choose to squeeze the lime juice without having to soak the entire slice in the syrup)

1. Soak the lime slices in water to remove part of the bitterness. Set aside.

2. Wash aloe vera and remove the skin.

3. Cut the fresh into 1-cm cubes and soak in water. Drain away the water and pour boiling water, enough to submerge all the aloe vera cubes, to stop the sliminess of the cubes.

4. Heat the water, brown sugar, rock sugar and pandan leaf in a pot. Off the heat when the sugar is well dissolved.

5. Drain away the water and scoop the aloe vera cubes into the dessert cups. 

6. Pour the warm syrup into the dessert cups.

7. When the syrup cools to room temperature, place a thin slice of lime or lemon into the cups.

8. Refrigerate the dessert in a fridge. Serve chill.

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