Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Rice Cooker Red Bean Paste

Yield: about 200g sweet red bean paste

100g red beans
250g water for cooking
200g water for 1st steaming
200g water for 2nd steaming
60~80g sugar
1 pandan leaf (optional)

1. Wash the beans. Soak the beans by adding hot water to about 1cm above the bean level. Let them soak for about 4 hours or overnight.

2. Drain away the soaked red bean water. Add 200g water to a rice cooker.

3. Place the beans in a heat resistant container and add 250g water to it.

4. Lower the beans and the container into the rice cooker pot. Add a pandan leaf if you want.
Close the lid and start the 'rice cooking' function.

5. When the cooking process is over, add another 200g of water to the rice cooker pot. Start the 'rice cooking' process again.

6. When the cooking process is over, turn on the 'keep warm' function and let the beans sit in the pot for 1/2 an hour.

7. At the end of 1/2 hour, open the lid and take out 1 bean to crush with your finger. If it is soft, then the cooking is done.

8. Drain away the soup and add sugar to the cooked red beans. Stir to mix well. Return it to the rice cooker and keep warm for 15 minutes to melt the sugar.

9. Crush the beans using a spoon or fork.

10. If you like a smoother paste, blend the red beans in a blender.

11. Cool and keep in a container. Ready to be used in buns and pancake :)

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