Monday 18 June 2012

Fresh lychee in agar agar

Water 500ml
Agar agar powder 1 1/4 tsp
Sugar 7 tbsp
Pandan leaf 2 leaves
Lime peel
Fresh lychee 4

1. Pour 250ml water and add 2 pandan leaves into a pot to heat up.
2. Mix the agar agar powder and sugar in a bowl. Slowly add in water from the remaining 250ml water, stirring constantly to ensure well incorporation.
3. Pour the agar agar mixture into the pot of warm water, stir well. Stop the warming process, once the agar agar melts and the solution turns thick and smooth.
4. Pour the agar agar liquid into 4 glass containers. Add in the de-seeded lychee and lime peel.
5. Place inside the fridge to chill, once the mixture cools to room temperature.
6. Serve chill 😃

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