Friday 5 September 2014

Rice Cooker Char Siew 电饭锅叉烧

This succulent 叉烧 was first cooked in rice cooker using the normal rice cooking function, then roasted in toaster oven to give it a rosy red and glossy coating.
The rice cooker helps to cook the meat in a high-sugary gravy without burning it, yet preserving the moisture in the meat.
A brief high temperature roasting in the toaster over helps to caramelized the sugar coating to adhere to the meat firmly. 
The recipe also allows you to produce a bowl of 叉烧 gravy without having to prepare it separately. 
A few easy steps to produce four portions of yummy 叉烧饭 for the family with minimal fuss :)

Yield: 4 adult servings

450~475g collar pork

2 tbsp Hoisin sauce
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tsp sesame oil 
1 tbsp rice wine
1 tsp rose wine , optional
1/4 tsp dark soya sauce 
1 tbsp raw sugar
1 tbsp dark brown sugar
1 tbsp honey
1 clove garlic, crushed with skin on
100ml water

450~475g 五花肉

2 大匙 海鲜酱
2 大匙 蚝油
2 小匙 麻油
1 大匙 花雕酒
1 小匙 玫瑰露酒,可免
1/4 小匙 黑酱油 
1 大匙 黄糖
1 大匙 黑糖
1 大匙 蜜糖
1 瓣 带衣蒜头,拍扁
100ml 水

1. Cut the meat into 4x3cm cross-section. Rinse and drain.
As the meat will shrink after cooking, so try to cut the meat in thicker pieces.

2. Add all the marinades to the pork in a mixing bowl. Mix with your hand for about 1 to 2 minutes.

3. Cover with a lid, and let the meat marinate for at least one hour.

4. Pour all the ingredients into a rice cooker.

Cover the lid and start the rice cooking process.

5. Stir the ingredients after 20 minutes into cooking. Regular stirring will give a more even heating and coating to the meat.

When the liquid ingredients are thickening up, give the meat more regular stirrings. 
At the end of the cooking, the meat will be coated with a thick coat of sauce.

6. Transfer the cooked meat out of the pot to a grilling rack or parchment paper.

7. Roast the meat at 200 degree Celsius for about 3 minutes in a toaster oven. The high heat will caramelize the sugar on the meat.

Flip the meat to roast the other face.
End of the roasting process. Allow the 叉烧 to cool down.

8. Pour some water to mix with the remaining sauce in the rice cooker pot. This will become the 叉烧 gravy to be poured over the warm rice during serving.

9. Cut the Char Siew into thin slices.

Serve the sliced char siew with warm rice, cucumber and gravy. 
Enjoy :)


  1. Good day may I know what type of hosin sauce did u use? I couldn see well in the pic. Is it hoisin 海鲜酱?

    1. Hi Kim Huat, I use 李锦记海鲜酱. The packaging has changed to a purple foreground instead of red. The one in the photo was old packaging :)

  2. your recipe is superb!! easy to understand and follow. Going to try it this weekend! It sounds really easy and the photos shown are so yummy!!

    1. Thank you Didi for your nice comment. Hope you like the recipe:)

  3. After 20 mins of cooking, then when I know how much time needed for the end of cooking when the pork is coated with thick coat of sauce? thanks!

    1. Hi Ruby, the 20 minutes is just a guideline. When you see the pork has been coated with a layer of sticky gravy, then it is ready. Try not to cook the gravy till very dry and sticky, as the remnant heat of the pot will further dry up the gravy :)

  4. The meat looks great. I will try to cook this on the next week. Hope my dish looks the same as your photo.

  5. you can make char siew with rice cooker? that's wow! i thought you would need fire to roast them up or something haha... good one, gonna give it a try with this malaysia rice cooker that i bought during my visit there


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