Friday 12 October 2012

Joyoung homemade soya milk

Yield about 800ml of soya milk

4/5cup organic soya beans
1 tbsp black turtle beans
3 almonds
1 walnut
2 Pandan leaves
1100ml water
40g raw sugar (or according to your preference of sweetness)

1. Measure the beans using the given Joyoung measuring cup.

The dry beans

2. Wash and soak the beans overnight. Allow about 2 cm of water above the beans.

Soak the dry beans overnight

Getting ready all the ingredients
the night before

3. Cut 2 Pandan leaves into small strips and keep in the fridge for next day use.

Cut the pandan leaves into small

4. Wash the Joyoung soya milk machine before use.

Joyoung Soya milk machine

5. Before boiling the soya milk the next day, drain away the soaking water and rinse once. Pour the soaked beans into the soya milk machine. Followed by water, add to '1100' mark. Finally add in the cut Pandan leaves.

The soaked beans

6. Cover the soya milk machine with the top. Start the operation by pressing the '好豆浆' button thrice.

Pour all the ingredients (except the sugar)
into the pot

Set the mode to 好豆浆 - 湿豆

7. The soya milk will be ready in about 20-25 minutes time. When ready, the machine will 'beep'.

Finished brewing

8. Add about 40g raw sugar to the joyoung jar. Pour the soya milk through the given filter. Stir the soya milk to mix the sugar with the milk.

Strain the soya milk (1st strain)

9. If you want a finer texture drink, strain the soya milk second time using a coffee bag.

2nd strain using a coffee filter

10. Pour the soya milk into the mugs and serve :)

4 cups of soya milk, about 200ml each

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