Monday, 10 March 2014

Honey Chocolate Cupcakes 蜂蜜巧克力杯子蛋糕

I prefer cupcakes with a compact texture and low in fat. This is a recipe which involves only 2 eggs and 20g butter, and without baking powder being added. The condensed milk gives these cupcakes a rich milk aroma. Nice soft texture cupcake awaits ...

Yield: 10 cupcakes 杯子蛋糕

2 eggs, separated, room temperature 
50g fine sugar

50g milk
10g condensed milk
10g honey
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
20g unsalted butter

70g top flour

1 tsp cocoa powder
2~3 tsp hot water

2 粒蛋,蛋白蛋黄分开,室温
50g 细糖

50g 牛奶
10g 炼乳
10g 蜂蜜
1/2 小匙 香草精
20g 无盐奶油

70g 低筋面粉

1 小匙 可可粉
2~3小匙 热水

1. Line 10 cupcake moulds with cupcake papers. Set aside.

2. Pour milk, condensed milk, honey, vanilla essence and butter in a bowl. Place them into a rice cooker to keep warm for about 6~8 minutes. And let the content sits in the rice cooker for another 10 minutes, or till the butter melted.
Let the content cool to our room temperatures before adding to the batter.

3. Mix cocoa powder with hot water into a thick paste.

4. Whip egg white in a clean mixing bowl at medium high speed using an electric mixer till frothy (about 1/2 minute).

5. Reduce the mixer speed to low and add in the fine sugar. When all the sugar is well blended with egg white, resume the mixer speed to high. Stop the mixer when the egg white can form a dipped tip when lifted up.

6. Add in the egg yolk, one at a time.

7. Sieve in the flour in three lots. Mix using the whisks detached from the mixer. Stop mixing when no flour can be seen.

8. Stir the milk mixture from (2) before pouring into the batter to mix. First mix with the whisks, then use a spatula to scrap the side and bottom of the mixing bowl.

9. Transfer about 1/4 of the batter to mix with the chocolate paste from (3).

10. Pour the batters into the lined cupcake moulds, alternating between vanilla and chocolate batters.

11. Preheat the oven to 170 degree Celsius.

12. Pump about 5 to 6 sprays of water over the top of the batter. This is to prevent the top of the cake from over-baking too fast.

13. Bake the cupcake in the oven for about 17 to 18 minutes till the top turn golden.

14. Immediately remove the cupcake from the moulds after leaving the oven.
Allow the cupcakes to cool in a wire rack.

15. Enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee :)
可与咖啡或茶一起享用 :)

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