Monday 30 June 2014

Taiwanese Braised Pork Rice 台湾卤肉饭

Yield: 4 adult portions

340g pork collar, cut into big chunks
2 shiitake mushroom, soaked & diced

1 tsp ginger, chopped
1 tbsp garlic, chopped
1/2 onion, chopped
1 tsp dried shrimp
1 small corner of a star aniseed
1 tsp light soya sauce
1 tsp dark soya sauce
1 tbsp rice wine
1 tbsp rock sugar
Dash of five spice powder
Dash pepper powder
Salt (to be added at the end of cooking)

2 hard boiled eggs
8 stalks 小白菜,blanched

1. Parboil the meat by pouring boiling water onto the pork chunks. Drain away the water after about 3 minutes.

2. Cut the pork into strips. Set aside.

3. Heat a tbsp of olive oil in a pot at medium high heat.
Add in ginger, followed by garlic & dried shrimps and finally the onion. Stir-fry till frangrant.

4. Pour in the pork strips and diced mushroom. Stir-fry till the meat turns pale.

5. Add in all the remaining condiments and spices. 
Do not add salt at this stage.

6. After the meat has been well coated, pour in enough water to just submerge all the ingredients. And place the two hard-boiled eggs in.

Bring to a light boil, then simmer for 1 to 2 hours depending on the tenderness of the meat you want to achieve.
Stir once every 10 to 15 minutes.

7. Add in salt only after 1 hour into simmering.

8. Serve with warm rice and blanched green vegetables. Enjoy :)

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