Friday 5 February 2016

Little Garden by the Sill - coriander

Coriander or cilantro is a difficult herb to keep green for long, even in refrigeration. Usually by middle of the week, the leaves will start to turn yellow. I've tried several methods to preserve this herb, like wrap it in plastic bag, or let it dried naturally in paper bag placed in the fridge. The results were unfavorable.
My effort starts to pay off when I successfully kept the herb green and "juicy" in the fridge after about a week. I divided the plant into two portions. I kept the green leaves in cling or food wrap and keep in a brown paper bag. And kept the root portion in water. Here's the procedure :)

1. You need fresh and healthy coriander with root intact. Wash and soak in veggie wash for about 10 minutes and drain away the water.

Part 1 - the green leaves
1. Pick the long and healthy leaves and dry them by hanging in the air for about 1/2 an hour.

2. Spread out the leaves over a cling wrap in single layer.

3. Place a paper kitchen towel over.

4. Roll up the wrap. I left the two ends open without sealing them.

5. Place the wrapped coriander leaves into a brown paper bag* and fold in to seal. Keep the pack in refrigerator.
I bought the brown paper bag from SKP.

6. The leaves and stems still remain green and juicy on the 6th day Y(^_^)Y

Part 2 - the roots

1. Keep the root with a little young green leaves in a shallow beaker of water, just enough to cover the roots.

2. Place the set up into a taller container.
I find the coriander is temperature sensitive. It dislike hot weather. Therefore, I'll keep the plant in a closed container, and keep it in the fridge during the nights.
Bring the plant to the sill on the next day for "sun-bathing" ><

After one week

You can harvest the leaves when needed.

My plant could only keep for two weeks, beyond that it would turn yellow :(

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