Monday, 7 August 2017

Lemon-Milk Mayonnaise Substitute

I'm not a fan of mayonnaise neither be it a jarred one nor freshly made one. I think mainly because of its oiliness and strong vinegar taste 🙁

When the Japanese Potato Salad recipe, which I intended to try, called for mayonnaise, I knew I have to search for a mayonnaise substitute recipe. However, most of the recipes still require quite a big quantity of oil, so I decided to concoct my own recipe.

The  3 main ingredients which I used were glutinous rice flour, milk powder and water. In fact, water took up about 2/3 the total weight of the entire condiment. Hence, it can be safely regarded as low-fat. As it has a mild milk and lemon taste, I can add other spices to change its flavour. More to explore in the future 🤔

Recently I made another batch of mayonnaise-substitute without lemon, so I can have a wider choice of adding it to my other dishes. I added 10g of it to my whipped cream to allow it to stay longer in room temperature. For recipe please refer to my sourdough waffle :)

Produced 50g of the mayonnaise substitute


5g glutinous rice flour
10g milk poweder
1/4 tsp fine sugar
45~50g water

salt to taste
1 tsp lemon juice (leave out the lemon juice if use for whipping cream)


1. Mix glutinous rice flour, milk powder and fine sugar in a heat resistant cup.

2. Stir in the water and mix well.

3. Stir the mixture over low heat constantly.

When the mixture starts to thicken, remove from the heat source, and stir till it becomes a smooth soft paste.

4. Add salt to taste, and mix well.

5. Blend in about 1 tsp of lemon juice.

6. It's done 😁
Transfer to a glass container and keep it in the fridge after it has cool down to room temperature.

Added to Japanese Potato Salad

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