Saturday 25 November 2017

Mini Rice Cooker - Steamed Hard-boiled Egg

An easy and energy-saving way of preparing a small numbers of hard-boiled eggs is to steam them in a mini rice cooker. Instead of heating up at least 400 to 500ml of water to boil two eggs, I only need 100ml of water to steam them in a mini rice cooker.


1. All you need are: 
2 to 3 eggs ( room temperature)
100ml water 
1 heat resistant bowl with foot/steamer stand
1 sheet of paper tissue
1 countdown timer

2. Pour water into the rice cooker pot.

3. Form a ring using the paper tissue and place it at the base of the bowl. This is to act like an egg holder.

4. Stand the eggs in the bowl with the sharper ends facing down.

5. Lower the whole set-up into the rice cooker.

Start the Rice Cooking mode and 15-minute countdown timer.

Turn off the Rice Cooking mode when the timer rings.

Without opening the rice cooker, start a 10-minute countdown timer, and let the eggs stay in the rice cooker.

6. When the timer rings, remove the eggs from the rice cooker, and

cool down the eggs by adding water to the bowl.

7.  Remove the shells when the hot eggs become warm.

Enjoy :)

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