Thursday, 14 December 2017

Yuzu Fruit Butter Cake 柚子茶杂果牛油蛋糕

I joined the fun of Christmas baking with a yuzu and honey citron tea flavoured butter fruit cake. 🌲🍰

I scored the crust of the cake with a Christmas tree and dusted with icing sugar for a little festive mood 🎄☃

Pan size: 26x10x7 cm loaf pan, narrow base


All ingredients in room temperature
Using 55g Omega 3+6 eggs

50g dried mixed fruits
25g yuzu juice

2~3g lemon juice *
20g honey citron tea

110g salted butter, softened
80g fine sugar
20g dark brown sugar

110g top/cake flour
15g milk powder
1/2 tsp baking powder

3 eggs

* Add lemon juice to the yuzu juice collected after soaking the mixed fruit, to make up a total of 20g of mixture.


1. Soak dried mixed fruits with yuzu juice overnight in the fridge.

On the next day, drain and collect the extra yuzu juice. Set aside the soaked mixed fruits.

Top up the collected yuzu juice with lemon juice till it reaches 20g. Set aside.

2. Beat eggs till frothy. Set aside.

3. Cream softened butter with fine sugar and dark brown sugar till light and fluffy. I whipped the cream using a hand whisk for about 10 minutes.

4. Gradually blend in the beaten eggs from (2).

5. Mix top flour, milk powder and baking powder before sieving into the batter. Mix well.

6. Blend in the yuzu-lemon juice from (1) and honey citron tea.

Give a thorough mix using a spatula.

7. Pour about 1/3 of the batter into a loaf pan coated with butter and sprinkled with a thin layer of flour.
Mix the remaining batter with soaked mixed fruits from (1).

Pour the balance batter into the loaf pan.

Bang the loaf pan to level the batter.

8. Bake in a pre-heated oven at 140°C for about 40 minutes. Bake at middle rack.

This step is optional.
Take out the cake, and score using a pointed sharp knife.

Return the cake to the oven. Increase the temperature to 170°C and bake for 5 minutes if you didn't take out the cake to do the scoring, or 8 minutes if you did the scoring, or bake till the cake gains a nice golden coating.

9. Allow the cake to cool in the loaf pan for about 30 minutes before inverting out to cool on a rack.

After the cake has cooled down, dust it with a thin coat of icing sugar for added festive mood.

Cut and enjoy 🎄🎊🎈

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