Monday, 8 July 2019

Caramel Milk & Tea Pudding

A cool soft caramel milk pudding topped with lightly sweetened tea jelly. The lighter taste tea jelly layer, gave the next caramel milk pudding layer a sweeter and stronger milk taste - you will notice it when you dig into the second layer. Therefore, I would recommend you to enjoy the pudding layer by layer instead of mixing them up 😉

The wobbly pudding 😍 The video was taken from my first attempt with a softer tea jelly 😉

Servings: 4x100ml pudding bottles

Caramel Milk Pudding

10g raw cane sugar
3g hot water

10g hot water (to be added to the hot caramel)
100g cold milk

1g or 1/3 tsp agar agar powder *
10g water

10g raw cane sugar

150g milk

* agar agar powder is a very light weight ingredient. You cannot measure or tell the difference between 1.0g ~1.9g of agar agar powder, unless you are using a weighing scale with one decimal reading. Otherwise, it will appear as 1g in our normal zero decimal weighing scale. This minute difference will cause a difference in the softness of the pudding.

1. Soak about 1/3 tsp of agar agar powder with 10g of water. Set aside.
1/3 tsp is slightly less than 1/2 tsp.

2. Add about 3g of hot water to 10g of raw cane sugar in a heat-resistant cup. Do not stir the content, just swirl the cup to "wet" the sugar will do.

Cover the cup with a metal plate, and heat the sugar content at medium low heat till the content starts to bubble.

Checking the thick sugar syrup constantly.

When part of the syrup starts to turn brown, lower the heat.

When the whole thick syrup has turned brown and you can smell the nice aroma of the caramel,

remove the cup from the heat source, and add 10g of hot water gradually from the side of the cup, to the hot syrup. Be careful as the this hot syrup may splatter if you add the water too fast!

3. Add cold milk to the caramel,

and heat till the caramel melted and dissolve in the milk. Stir occasionally.
When cold milk was first added, the caramel will solidify at the base. Let the warm milk slowly melt the caramel before stirring it.

4. Stir in the soaked agar agar paste from Step 1. Stir occasionally to prevent any agar agar granules from sticking to the base of the cup.

5. When the agar agar granules has completely dissolved, stir in 10g of raw cane sugar.

6. Pour the hot caramel milk into 150g of cold milk, and stir well.

7. Pour the caramel milk mixture into 4x100ml pudding bottles. Let them cool to room temperature before refrigerating them.

Sweet Tea Jelly

1/4 tsp or 1g agar agar powder
10g water

1 teabag black tea
150g hot water
20g raw cane sugar


1. Soak 1/4 tsp of agar agar powder in 10g of water. Set aside.

2. Steep 1 black tea teabag in 150g of hot water for about 3 to 5 minutes. Prolong steeping or using too hot water will make the tea bitter.

3. Pour about 100g of the tea into a heat-resistant cup to heat up with agar agar paste. 

Add 20g of raw cane sugar to the remaining black tea, stir to dissolve. Set aside.

When the tea has heated up, add in the agar agar paste from Step 1. Stir occasionally till the agar agar granules totally dissolved.

4. Mix the tea-agar agar mixture with the other half of the tea in Step 3.

5. Pour the tea-agar agar mixture into a flat metal plate.

Refrigerate the tea jelly after it has cooled down to room temperature.

6. After about 30 minutes of refrigeration, slit the tea jelly into cubes.

7. Scoop the tea jelly cubes into the 4 bottles of caramel milk pudding. Serve the puddings cold 😋

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